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Energy Reduction


Do you want to increased profits to your company?
Are you frustrated with rising energy costs?
Do you want to decrease your overhead?
Do you want a pleasant work environment for your employees?
Do you want to save the environment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are your solution! Current Electrical Services has a solution for nearly every facility to dramatically reduce your energy bill, sometimes as much as 50%! At no cost to you we will do an energy audit of your facility. Current Electrical Services will then analyze the data to make the best recommendations. Lighting accounts for as much as 30-40% of electricity use in the typical commercial facility. The results of your analysis of your facility may very well surprise you! We can even save on your parking lot lights.

Current Electrical Services will also include a proposal pointing out the additional savings on top of your utility bill savings.

Focus on Energy Rebates

Tax Deductions

No Out of Pocket Expense Option

Finance Options

Post Maintenance Agreements

Installation Options

Quality Control Increases

Lamps & Ballast Warranties

Health Benefits

Decreased Maintenance Cost

Increased Employee Production


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Current Electrical Services is also an installer of the exclusive Energy Saver panel. The Energy Saver  panel can be installed to an existing system saving up to 45% on existing lighting systems.

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With everyday rising energy costs don't delay. Contact us today to receive move information or schedule an appointment to start saving money.


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